Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"That'll do, pig."

In designing my blog, I looked to carpentry - furniture making to be exact.  Much study has been done on the perfect stool.  It was determined that the one legged stool, while good in a pinch and for sitting on a tightrope, is not very practical.  The two legged stool is only good for people who can't make up their mind about anything but have to travel a lot (portable fence, just incase you missed it - I know, stops being funny when I explain it...).  Then there was the three legged beast and it was very good.  If three is good, four must better, right?  And it is, if you like four legged stools.  Being the modern world where everything is bigger and better, there were experiments into such abominations as six, eight, twelve, and fifty legged stools.  Notice you can't buy any of them from Bassett.  I use a four legged stool in my studio/office.  Not to sit on, I have a chair for that.  I use it as a table for my mouse pad.

The mousepad table is great as a mousepad table, passable as a place to sit, and terrible as inspiration for blog structure but as I sat (in my chair) staring at it, I heard the echo of a chant.  Four legs good, two legs better.  It made me smile.  When most people think of George Orwell, they think of 1984 but for me, 1989 comes to mind - when I first read Animal Farm.  The pigs provided me with the inspiration for the structure; 1) everyone must have a job to make it work - in this case, each day has it's own focus, 2) somebody has to be the boss of the whole shebang (me), and 3) it's okay to change the rules at anytime (if you are the boss).

I will also continue to begin each post with a quote from a relevant movie/tv show, include links that are either informative or filled with dramatic irony, and improve in my craft as I proceed.

My name is Jon, and I have a story to tell.

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