Friday, June 20, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Wow, so I totally forgot that I changed the schedule and was working on a short story for most of the ride.  I was getting frustrated with it because it was taking too long to get to the parts that I saw in my head and I was making too much of the stories for the blog because now I’m not writing flash as much as actual stories and suddenly realized today is supposed to be “Tales From the Script.”

I saw “Sweet Home, Alabama” when it first came out on video.  I have not watched it since.  It was okay.  I didn’t understand why everyone thought it was so great.  I didn’t live in the South then.  It’s a funny movie.  But more to the point here, it was a well written movie.

There were lots of pay offs and setbacks which moved the plot along, the characters had interesting arcs and while there was absolutely nothing at all surprising about how things turned out, getting there was generally creative and if we were surprised, there’d be a big complaint about lack of consistency.

One thing that really struck me about the film though, other than some clever lines, was how much more I respected how the story was told rather than the story itself.  I kept saying, “I like how they worked that in,” or “That’s a good touch,” or “Nice setback.”

I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, but it makes me wonder if the reason I didn’t think it was all that in the first place was because the story wasn’t that strong or if the reason I liked it now was that I can appreciate the skill in telling a story even when the story itself doesn’t appeal to me personally.

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