Monday, July 7, 2014

Mondays aren’t nearly as bad when the weather is like this and the weekend was as awesome as mine was.  I realize that it’s sort of oxymoronic to think Monday isn’t so bad after a good weekend, after all, wouldn’t I like the weekend to continue?

Of course I would.  But I’d also like to have a 65’ Nordhaven and the money to operate it.  There are certain things that are beyond our control and we make the pie we have fruit for, not the one we’d like to have fruit for.

And I really like the boat I have now.  It suits my lifestyle and Friday (the Fourth) when the fam and I snuck down to the river for a few hours between birthday parties (one for #3’s friend, the other for America) someone riding in a dingy that had been launched from a 2 or 3 year old Cruisers 455 expressed a bit of envy for my Sunesta.  Forget that the river was so choppy that my children screamed in terror the moment we pulled out of the creek forcing an immediate return to calmer waters.  Or that the calmer waters were still so choppy and windblown that we dragged our anchor at 1.6 miles per hour.  I was very happy to be where I was.

The party for the 4th was also a blast.  The community put on a very good fireworks show and being able to walk home from our neighbor’s house instead of fighting traffic was a huge bonus.  The traffic situation was not quite as good on Saturday when we went to the National’s game but it was mostly foot traffic so we got by.  38,463 people paid to get into the stadium.  It wasn’t full.  That’s more people than lived in my county while I was growing up.  It was a very good game (I’m not a Chicago fan) and my family loved it.  We were in the top deck, back row so the breeze kept us cool and we could see absolutely everything.

On the trip home there was some excitement on the metro.  Apparently someone failed to hold on to the hand of the young child that she was responsible for and during one of the stops he ended up on the platform while she stayed in the train.  Fortunately it was one of the shortest legs and since there was nothing in the news, the story must have had a happy ending.  I have been wondering which sort of reunion it was.  I’ve seen both the “hugs and joy” kind and the “angry with punishment” kind.  I’ve been hoping for hugs but the cynical Jon says that someone who would hug also would not have let go in the first place.

Then there was yesterday.  Also wonderful.  A much less choppy trip to the river.  With the dog that tried to drown me last summer.  He did much better this time.  And he didn’t pee in my boat.

We’re given a good life.  Don’t forget that.  Bad things happen but your experience doesn’t have to be defined or polluted by them.

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