Monday, July 14, 2014

Over Hill and Dale

Sometimes the inspiration for a story isn’t inspiration at all.  It’s the story.  There isn’t even any point in changing the names of the people involved.  In those cases, what separates a good tale from a news report is the telling.

I hope this is a good telling.

Over Hill and Dale

I found myself traveling over the hill alone this morning.  It was a combination of when I woke up and the nature of my mission that led to that state, it was only 8:15 and I was going to practice my offertory at the church.  Not especially exciting for anyone else and, since we were on vacation, a bit too early.

But not too early for beer, apparently.  As I drove down the hill into the quaint, 23 house dorf, I spied a man stumbling toward me.  I slowed, wondering what sort of ailment had befallen him and discovered that 1) he was much younger than I had expected, 2) had a walking cast on his left foot, and 3) was carrying not bags of groceries for his starving grandchildren but instead a case of beer for himself.

The broken foot and youth are what swayed me.  I asked if he needed a ride.  I felt it was fairly safe, I didn’t have a specific time to be anywhere and, really, how far could a kid with a broken foot need to go?

Turns out it was only about 178 yards.  Our conversation went like this.

M:  Do you need a ride?
D:  That would awesome.  I just live up there, it isn’t far, but thank you.  Thank you so much.  [He climbed into the car]  I’m really frustrated because the sheriff’s office doesn’t open until 8 and I’ve been trying to get a hold of them because last night I put my prescription meds on the windowsill and somebody stole them.  Who does that?  So I don’t have any meds and I’m trying to get a hold of the sheriff to get a report.  You’d think it would be okay to leave your stuff out but I guess not.  It’s the one with the blue mailbox.
M:  That one?
D:  Yes.  I’m Dale by the way.
M:  I’m John.
D:  Thanks for the ride.
M:  No problem.  I’m sorry about your meds.

D: I just want to feel better.  [He climbed out of the car]

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  1. I guess you can learn quite a lot about someone in 178 yards.