Friday, September 26, 2014

Fee Fi Foo Fum. I smell the blood of a RomCom.

This is not a rant about Romantic Comedies.  This is not a nostalgic look back at what used to make movies great.  It isn’t even another piece asking, “Why doesn’t anyone care about love anymore?”

I have some ideas but so does everybody else who cares and this blog is about hope, not angst.

The point is, there aren’t a whole lot of RomComs out there anymore.  The once familiar staple of our silver screen diet has pretty much vanished.  The ones that are out there have traded cleverness for shock except for the ones based on Nicholas Sparks’s books in which case they have traded gourmet for comfort food.

I hope that changes because – and I admit this of my own free will – I like good RomComs.  Pretty Woman was the third movie I ever bought.  Music and Lyrics and The Wedding Singer both make my top 10 list.  I could watch Notting Hill monthly (you should read the script) and 50 First Dates rocks the Casbah.

I may have been the only person in America who liked Must Love Dogs, am the only person I know who liked Leopold, and I watched Sleepless in Seattle in a theater.  The only area I really come up short is that I don’t particularly care for Renee Zellwegger.  Nothing personal, I just got tired of that character halfway through Bridgette Jones’ Diary and Jerry McGuire was not a RomCom. It was a TomCruiseCom.  Same character for Renee anyway.

Whoops, I’m ranting.  But there’s a point.

I did notes this week on a RomCom script.  It’s funny.  Really funny.  And a bit sappy.  Imagine a cross between Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and 500 Days of Summer (I know that’s not a RomCom).  It wasn’t Sweet Home Alabama, but it was better than anything J-Lo’s been in.

It was a modern take on the classic formula – not a reimagining of what it should be but rather an update to the current style.  Think The Bourne Identity.  And think about going to see a RomCom in 2 years.  The script is good and the author is on the edge of breaking in.  This could be it.  Should be it.  I want to watch the movie.

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