Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Get your own tots."

Yesterday’s bog post didn’t get posted because it was written on scrap paper, transferred to note paper, and then transcribed to Word format and printed out.  I also didn’t write it, I was more of an executive producer.  The product?  A campaign speech.

It’s student council election time.  #4 is running for President.  I had no idea he was interested in local politics.  He didn’t either but then when they were talking about it at school he realized that he’s been going there for a long time – it’s his school – and it was time to get involved.

That’s my kind of lurker.  Not someone who just jumps in and says, “This Is broken, fix it this way” (you know, like I do) but someone who takes a little while to get a feel for the institution and then duty compels him to get involved (the way I try to be).

It was a good speech.  He won the primary.  The big election is in a couple of weeks.  We’ll need 3 posters.  With glitter and flashing lights.  Or those funky eyeballs that sort of follow you around.

I also watched a volleyball game last night.  When was the last time you watched a volleyball game?  Holy cow, Batman.  Talk about exciting.  I am going to write a volleyball movie.  Seriously.  It’s the next one after the one I do when I finish the one I’m working on.  Maybe the one before that.

I am not going to write a baseball movie.  I actually yawned typing that.

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