Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nobody got time for that.

Today's tool of the trade is prioritization.  Instead of writing some clever insight or pithy rant, I'm going to demonstrate it.  I'm in the final week of nanowrimo and have 13k words to go.  I can do it, if I buckle down.  I plan to do it.  I've come to far to not make it.  But I can't do that and everything else.  My family is a bigger priority so I won't steal their time.  My job is a bigger priority (can't buy groceries with a nano badge) so I won't shirk my duty.  But the blog?  Well, I love writing the blog but it's a few hundred words I could add to my nano total coming in on the train.  Through the sleet and snow.

**update.  I was able to knock out 1200 words this morning.  Thank you for your understanding.

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