Saturday, November 9, 2013

"You've got red on you."

At some point yesterday we crossed the 5k page view mark.  Thank you for clicking by!  It's very encouraging to me that this project has not withered and died for lack of attention.  I don't know exactly when we crossed the line -- likely when I was wrestling with the new fridge or leveling a camper.

The fridge.  My goodness.  I usually have good experiences with Lowe's but this fridge was not quite so wonderful.  I haven't had so much trouble getting someone to take my money since I moved to VA and tried to transfer my license - DMV made me work very hard for the privilege of paying their exorbitant fees.  The fridge is nice, but I had to pick it up and install it rather than take advantage of their "Any day, anytime you want it" free delivery because they weren't available to do it on the days I wanted it.  They didn't know how to load it into my truck.  I should not be the guy saying, "Let's try lifting it this way."

Our house guests were very helpful for getting it from the truck to the kitchen.  It involved stairs, doors, and both the dismantling and reassembly of the major appliance.  The easiest part (not counting plugging it in) was connecting the water line.  Not that the doors were complicated (not very) but it did take a long time.

Now, though, we have a cavernous fridge that makes ice regularly and (for some reason this is important) matches our other major appliances.

Today we're off for some paint balling.  Keep your head down.  And if you're writing Nano, don't take a day off.  It's painful to get back into it.

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