Thursday, December 5, 2013


Big writing day in my house yesterday.  #1 entered the 5 minute fiction contest with me this week and, not only eked me out of a finalist spot, actually won the contest.  First time out.  Totally awesome, as they said back when my Z. Cavaricci's were still in style.  I'm thinking we need to dust off our "You write a chapter and then I'll write a chapter" project.

Of course that would require more time for writing or another project mixed into the limited writing time of the day.  I took a Myer-Briggs test yesterday and now I'm over analyzing everything!  It's like I'm an alien studying life on earth.  Speaking of which, today is Must See TV and in honor of the Nano theme, I'm going with "Mork and Mindy."

Mork and Mindy
Don't miss the "Video Recorder"

I was pretty young when it was on and remember the show, but not what it was about -- until Jonathan Winters popped out of Mork as his backwards aging son.  And I mean popped, he hatched from an egg.  The rest of the show?  Apparently it was about the alien and the girl and was funny.  I remember the funny suit (looked sort of like Ralph Hinckley’s suit) and a big voice.  Oh, and "nano-nano."

What do you remember about the sitcom set in Boulder, CO?  I think the jeep was brown, but I'm color blind.

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