Thursday, December 26, 2013

What would Mike TV think?

Searching for Must See TV.  Not having much luck.  I sound like my parents.  What's really interesting today about the search is that, instead of using the online queue, #3 &4 are helping me and we're using the newspaper.

You remember them, right?  Big, flimsy sheets of dirty paper that coat your fingers with ink?  There's nearly a full page of TV listings.  The boys are trying to figure out how the grid works and were quite upset that coverage didn't start until 6pm.  I was hoping to convince them that meant that the TV wouldn't work until then but they knew better.

I expect that shortly they will discover several of the channels aren't available in our area/subscription package.  That will be interesting, considering how they already feel about certain shows not being on right now.

I will admit that I have now seen snippets totaling nearly 30 minutes of the infamous "Duck Dynasty."  I think I actually like the Alaska show better but still hold on to my "reality show" prejudice.  I just. don't. like. them.

I don't like them in a box, I don't like them with a fox.  I don't like them here or there.  I don't like them anywhere.  I do not like them on the train.  I do not like them on a plane.  I do not like them in the rain.  I think they belong in the drain.

Nascar looks complicated compared to most of what I've seen this week.  Even the football game was more interesting.  And then there's this whole "marathon" thing.  About watching TV.  Marathon?  As in, "an insanely long foot race that not very many people are capable of completing?"  And now that's applied to sitting on the couch eating Funions so that you can catch every. single. episode?  That's like sanitation enginer.  Nothing against the folks that pick up the garbage, but as my friend with an engineering degree might point out, words have meanings and a CDL does not an engineer make.

Maybe I'm just cranky with Castle withdrawal.  Maybe I can't believe that about the only thing on TV is "reality programming" or "The Chica Show."  It's not what you think -- unless you've seen it.

I could rage against TV as passionately as poor usage of our language, but why bother?  It's a mute point.

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