Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Write around the block

There is writer's block.  But it's a choice.  You may be blocked on a specific project, just can't figure it out, and that's got to be hard.  But it shouldn't block your writing altogether.  Write something else for a season.

Or perhaps you have something specific to write about but you just can't get it together.  No worries, Mate.  Write it all falling apart.  Then start it again.  And again if you must.  Just keep putting it down.  Your body knows how to write.  Your brain knows it has to write.  Get yourself rolling down the hill, pop the clutch, and you'll be off to the races before you know it.

It's sort of like running in that the first half mile or so always makes you want to throw-up but then, once your brain discovers that you are more stubborn, and you are doing this, it stops complaining, stops making excuses, stops teasing you with chocolate glazed donuts, and gets down to the business of pounding out miles.  Or words.

If you're afraid of the blank page put a word on it.  Then it isn't blank.  If it's the wrong word you can change it.  You know how to do that.  And you know to try a different word.  Trust yourself.

It will come.

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