Thursday, July 11, 2013

"...A web would indicate an arachnoid presence."

I haven't watched much TV since getting back from vacation.  Between the day job and those insane kettlebells, when I reach that point in the day were I would normally sit on the couch and watch something, I'm already mostly asleep on my feet.  But never fear, I did watch TV while on vacation and had a wonderful trip down memory lane with Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and Alex Trebek.

This Must See TV Thursday is about the Wheel.  I was torn between the two shows but last night I watched an episode of Castle in which Julian Sands played the garish fashion designer and since he was in Arachnophobia and the first victims in the USA in Arachnophobia were watching Wheel, I figured that was the better bet - even though everyone in that movie -except John Goodman - was in jeopardy.  Jeopardy of losing their careers.  Apparently I was the only one in America that liked Arachnophobia, but more on that (and my 5 trips to the theater to see it) another day.

I first started watching “The Wheel of Fortune” when I was in 5th grade because my 5th grade teacher watched it and talked about it.  That was also when I started watching “General
Hospital” (for the same reason) - for reference, it was when Frisco and Felicia were getting together and Robert Scorpio was the man with the plan.

WOF hasn't changed much in thirty years.  In the old days there was a shopping spree with your prize money of sponsored items.  Now it appears you keep the cash with a chance to win some cherry prizes like trips and cars.  There are also more puzzles.  I think that's good, makes the game go much faster.  I don't know why most people watch game shows but for me it isn't about getting to know the contestants, it's about the game.  Except for the clothes – everything else looks pretty much the same.

There is one change I don't get.  For the final puzzle they give you letters and then let you select a couple of more.  I realize that everyone used to always pick the same ones, but somehow that doesn't sit well with me.  “They” are picking the puzzle that's worth the biggest prize and doing it already knowing what letters (mostly) you'll have.

Actually there's a lot about Wheel of Fortune that I don't get.  It's fun to watch but I'm not very good at it.  I don't have the app, the board game, or the lunchbox.  If you do, that's cool.  If you make a big bowl of popcorn to sit and watch it every night you won't get any grief from me.  Just, you might want to watch Arachnophobia to see what happens to those people...

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