Monday, July 1, 2013

I could help you, but I'd rather stand here and record.

I missed a couple of days.  Apparently when you camp in the woods there is no Wi-Fi unless you bring it yourself.  I didn't.  We were unplugged.  Thinking a little deeper, all Wi-Fi is unplugged.  We were off the grid, man.  Phone for emergency use only, dude (which included saying good night to Mom, of course).

We had a really good time but something interesting I noticed about the trip was there was nothing specifically inspiring about it writing-wise.  Things happened, it was fun - very fun, but nothing jumped out and said, "Write
about me."  It would have read like a newspaper article and if you've been on a campout, that wouldn't have been entertaining unless you had some special reason to care about it.

I'm not disappointed in that at all.  I enjoyed the time with my boys immensely.

This is also an experience that I will be able to draw on in the future.  From the perspective of the father, the boys, and the women folk left at home.  There's emotion there a couple of funny moments that would add flavor to a completed scene.  Raw material instead of direct inspiration?

That's all secondary though.  You may be a writer all of the time, but you don't write all of the time.  Sometimes you have to just kick back, relax, and (as demonstrated by one young boy on the trip) lick the rocks.  Apparently, smelling flowers is only something you do if you're a girl.

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  1. Yes, it is raw material. Now the trick is to communicate exactly what it was that made the week-end fun, entertaining, enjoyable, relaxing--a good time. When we can do that, we make the ordinary extraordinary.