Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Big pharmaceuticals are right up there with the arms dealers."

Tylenol Cold & Sinus.  That's this week's tool of the trade.  It comes in lots of flavors and with two types of additives - the stimulant (Daytime) and depressant (Nighttime).  Or the upper and downer versions.  Without it, you are discouraged from writing and instead prefer to lie on the couch all day.

They seem to work backwards on me.  But not all of the time - so I will continue to take the Day during the Day and Night during the Night.  Maybe it’s the dye in them that counteracts the other 
Didn't the film, but the book was very good.
drugs?  I’m a bit hazy.

There are old people in blue coats that provide security in most of the places I've worked for the last very long time and in one of those offices a co-worker used to give them a hard time.  About a lot of things.  I'm wondering now if he was afraid of getting old?

Anyway, he would tease these old people - in that office they were all men - about their pills and failing minds.  There was one who did have a failing mind but that's a different story.  My co-worker (I'll stop short of calling him a friend, he wasn't) would say things like, "Did you remember to take your pill this hour?" or "Aren't the amber ones really hard to swallow?"

Generally, it was just mean spirited fun but he did have one line that was very funny.  Which is to say that one time, he nailed the delivery.  The rest of the time it was just stupid.  He had to head out for a long drive and turned to me, as seriously as could be, and said, "Make sure you tell Jim to take the green pill.  Taking a blue and yellow at the same time isn’t the same."

Okay, so it isn't funny the way I told it today.  Sue me.  I've got a cold and I'm cranky.

Oh, and I forgot my watch.

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