Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Hakuna Matata"

When I walked out of my front door this morning I was struck by the temperature - it was unexpectedly cool.  After taking a moment to breathe in the refreshing mixture of gaseous elements, I reflected on the expression I had used.

"Unexpectedly cool."  What a wonderful phrase.  It's more versatile than the home furnishings sold by Ikea.  Observe.

She'd been on blind dates before but this man, he was unexpectedly cool.  Maybe there wouldn't be any more need to feign need of the restroom followed by a quick escape.

He'd brought flowers and chocolates yet she remained unexpectedly cool, as if their previous conversation had never happened.

Bud was unexpectedly cool as he clipped the trigger wire on the bomb despite the green of the glow-stick making both the blue and red wires look alike.

Camel Menthol 100s - unexpectedly cool.

Day 13 and Doctor Sholls entered the ward with little hope,
Marburg was famous for its 80% mortality, yet when he looked at the young boy his color was better, the sores were healing, and his skin was unexpectedly cool.
What about you?  Any ideas for using "unexpectedly cool"?  Post them in the comments section.

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