Monday, August 5, 2013

"You know, it's just like a dead person to say something like that."

Be inspired by where you are.  I can't stress this enough.  As a writer this is true figuratively (as for everyone) but also quite literally.  Everything we produce as writers is based on sharing an experience - whether real or imaginary - with someone else.  The goal of that sharing to is to inform the reader of that place/event/thing in
Talk about being completely there.
the most complete way possible without putting them to sleep or at least yawning and saying, "I get it already.  I'm reading something else."

I've read some remarkable essays over the years.  Now they are usually called "blog posts" unless they are specifically being marketed.  I've also read some really good news pieces.  In Wired, you often find essays filled with news or are biographies - but only the important bits.  I'm actually just realizing how much biography is in Wired.  I'm not really a big fan of the biography.  I've read a few but they don't usually interest me that much, few focus exclusively on the interesting things people have done.  My biography would be pretty dull except for maybe four places.  I'm having a blast but you wouldn't think it was very interesting.  If you did, I'd have to get a restraining order against you , Mr. Stalker.

History is different - tell me all you want about a person as he and significant history interact.  Just don't spend a chapter on the childhood dog.  Sure, the writing is great and I'm glad he played fetch, but unless the dog tried to drown him, what's the point of it in my life?  Don't mean to be rude, just pointing out how the reader thinks.

What a rabbit trail.  Sorry.  The point is, you should be engaged, fully, wherever you are, whether you plan to report it or not.  Let it inspire you because the place, your feelings, the things you say, hear, and think will all find their way into making you a more interesting and authentic author.  Not a writer?  No problem.  You'll be less of a bore at dinner parties.

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