Saturday, August 17, 2013

"We make our own destiny."

Plans change.  Sometimes very quickly.  You can cower, grump, or seize an exposed opportunity.  If you’re really talented, you can do all three.

I took #3 and #4 (the Boys) to see “The Sea of Monsters” last night and we had a good time.  Got home the same time as my wife.   More on the movie in a moment.

The original plan was not for the film.  We were going boating with a small campfire on the beach and a starlight cruise home.  Then life happened.

My wife was reminded of previous engagement and had to go out.  No boat.  I thought of the movie and how much #3 wanted to see it and though that would work.

Then there was the list – Take #1 and his friend to their all-night teen shindig, pick up dinner, #2 was at the stables riding.  Dinner was easiest but delayed getting home.  Time was slipping.  I checked showings and found out that it started 5 minutes after I was supposed to drop of #1.

But he was flexible.  Check.

I ran down to the stables to discover that they had only just started riding.  Wasn’t going to give them anytime at all and I couldn’t leave while they were on those big, tall, dangerous beasts.  But there was coverage – the other Mom was staying and wanted to take #2 for food afterward.  That worked.
Back to the house with marching orders – if we left in 2 minutes we’d make it.

We actually left on time.  Dropped of #1 and his friend.  Had great conversation back toward home.  I pulled into the theater parking lot.  “Where are we going Dad?” – “Thought you might want to watch Percy Jackson tonight.”  - “Really?” – “Yep.” – “COOL.” (beat) “Can we go home and get my glasses?”
Brakes.  U-turn.  Suddenly nothing was going right – long traffic delays, backup at the gate, and the time running out.

But we made it.  Even got to see some previews (trailers).

There was the sequel to “Rio”, the sequel to “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”, the sequel to “The Hobbit”, the remake of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, and one original story – “Frozen”.  That’s right, just one.  I’ve been hearing a bit about the fear of going with original but that was crazy.  Just one original story in over 10 minutes of commercials.

Of course I can’t complain – we were the prime demographic to sell “more of the same” to since the film we’d paid to see, “Sea of Monsters”, was… a sequel.

We did have a good time, the movie was alright – about what I expected – but we’d read the book together and driving home there was quite a discussion about what was included, what was changed, and what was completely missing but should have been there – hello! Percy never changed into a hamster in the movie!  Whoops, spoiler alert.

The business is the business, but it’s there because some Friday nights, a Dad has to take his boys to see something fun. 
Rick Castle making fun of "Firefly"

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