Saturday, September 28, 2013

"I Wanna Soak Up the Sun."

I'm a little late with the post today.  We've been busy.  Instead of kettle bell class today we went out into the country and picked up a side of beef.  I'm not sure which side, and it's actually only half of a side since we split the beast 4 ways.  In between our house and horse country is cow country.  It's also in full fall swing and we passed a couple of pumpkin patches and a farmer's market.

The forecast this afternoon was for sunny skies and a general warming.  Could be the last of the boating weekends so we rushed along to make the window of good weather - thoughts of last year's near fiasco running through my head.  I checked the weather about 6... billion times and it was consistent.  Partly cloudy giving way to sunshine, no rain, light wind.

We've putted down the river, out into the big river, and frozen the whole way under not 1 layer of clouds, not 2 layers of clouds, but under a canopy of gray with 2 sublayers.  But we pressed on.  There was hope.

It was worth it.  I'm anchored now, just off our favorite rocky beach, watching the children splash the shore searching for shells and teeth.    The sun came out while I was writing.  The waves are rocking the boat just enough to remind me why I love the water.

Life is good.  I'm very lucky to be where I want to be, doing what I want to do, with the people I want to be with.  Do I have everything I want?  What a silly question, but as Sheryl Crow said, "It's not about getting what you want, it's about wanting what you've got."

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