Monday, September 9, 2013

"I want my 2 dollars."

Monday's posts are, as you know, about inspiration.  Before we get to the post though, I want to say thank you.  We crossed 3,000 page hits this weekend and that blew me away.  More than just the hits though, your comments - both publicly on the blog and privately by email - have been an incredible encouragement to me as I pursue "the impossible dream".  I have to admit to a bit of hubris at BCREED's comment on Friday's post - "more like Hemmingway than you think" - my goodness.  I must begin writing in... Ernest.

Now the post:

It's very easy to be demotivated.  Let's face it, most everything doesn't actually work.  Plans are always disrupted.  The odds of becoming an astronaut are, well, astronomical.  It takes money to make money.  Every traffic light is red.

Pretty grim, isn't it?  Enough to make you hit snooze a couple of extra times.  But listen, before you become suicidal, take a moment to think about it.
Best. Movie. Ever.  Maybe.
Most everything really does work.  You only notice when there is a problem and usually that problem isn't major.  Okay, if the washing machine is spewing water all over your new rug then that's kind of major, but how many loads of laundry have you done?  How many more will you do after it's fixed?

You were planning to catch the 4:30 show but since Kelly couldn't get off work you'll have to see the 6:00 instead.  Plan was ruined.  Time to slit your wrists?  Of course not.  What was the goal - to be there at 4:30 or to see the show?

Becoming an astronaut is very hard.  But they are all very good at what they do.  Becoming a police officer or a teacher is also hard.  You know what's easy?  Working at a convenience store or becoming a parent.  Anyone can do those jobs.  Thing is, doing the job and being good at it are two completely different things.  Sure, some professions are exclusive.  That just means that you need mad skilz to make it.  I hope you have the discipline to develop mad skilz for the easy jobs, that you become part of the top 1% of cooler restockers in the world.  Or that your kids love you and turn out well.

Have you ever wondered where those first dollars came from?  Sure, it's easier to make money if you have money, but it's also easier to lose it.  You've still got to know what you're doing and, trust me on this one, if you do know what you are doing, there are people out there with money.

I have ridden with people who get green lights.  I've heard stories about people who have gone from downtown to the suburbs without hitting a single red.  Those people are my heroes.  When I lived in New York City it took me about 75 minutes to drive just under 8 miles to work.  Two miles of that was on Ocean Parkway.  I never got green lights.  (Okay, maybe once.)

I still don't.  My wife always asks why it took me so long to get to (insert ANYWHERE) and I laugh.  It's because of the red lights.  Always.  I just don't do green.

But that's okay.  My goal isn't to hit every light at green.  Or to have a predictable life where all of my plans work out exactly.  Or make a lot of money.  Or even to be an astronaut (anymore).

Don't sell yourself short chasing meaningless goals.  Choose your greatness and become awesome.

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