Thursday, April 3, 2014

"I worry about our daughters and the men they choose."

First things first, we crossed over 9k hits this morning!  Thank you.

I have had a chance to spend some more time with two TV shows that I covered a few months ago – “Leverage” and “Last Man Standing.”  Both improved dramatically after the first couple of episodes.  LSM actually makes me laugh out loud which is quite a feat for Tim Allen, I was never a “Home Improvement” fan.

There is no depth to LSM.  It’s a sitcom.  But there is also no pretention.  A solid entry along the lines of “Home Improvement” (obviously – you might even consider it a reboot), “Rita Rocks,” or “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  There are children in it, but it’s about the adults.
“Leverage” does episodes rather than chapters.  There are occasional hints of recurring characters and storylines, but the show doesn’t run on them (as far as I am in the first season).  It’s like the “A-Team.”   Or “Airwolf.”  Woot.  I like that the characters are well drawn and the world rules are pretty consistent.  It’s a far-fetched show but isn’t that why we used to watch TV?  Before “reality” shows became the norm?

One thing that both of these shows have is a great cast.  The actors really bring out their characters.  That’s important.  I read the pilot script for “Glades” and it’s funny.  But it isn’t the show and as I read it I thought about how important casting (and directing and camera work and post production…) is to the finished product.

I’m hoping that my work gets a great cast.

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