Tuesday, April 1, 2014


April 1.  I should probably make some sort of joke or play a trick or something today, but I’m not really in the mood.  The sun is shining, I have a good seat, and tricks aren’t very nice.  I played a doozy once, about 17 years ago.  My wife worked with a very nice lady who had gone out to the post office during her lunch break.  When she came back to the office she was complaining about the poor service and how much trouble she was having shipping a package overseas.  She told my wife that she had said to the clerk, in a burst of frustration, “That’s right, I’m mailing a bomb to Poland!”

Obviously she wasn’t sending a bomb.  I was given the intel and then called to speak with this very nice lady who didn’t deserve what happened.  When I called her, I said I was a postal inspector responding to a report that she was a terrorist.  That’s impersonation and is against the law, but I didn’t know that then.  She became quite upset, naturally.  As I said, she was a very nice lady.  I still feel bad about that.

I can’t say that I haven’t played any jokes on people since, but it’s a big part of why I don’t any more.

Remember yesterday's post?  Guess what?  I met another writer (Harmony McGuire) shortly after posting!

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