Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ask not what you can do for CGI, but what CGI can do for you!

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Looks about right

The birds are chirping.  Just outside of my open window.  They sound so happy – especially considering that their primary food source is worms.  They’re annoying.  I’m trying to write and at random, yet highly frequent intervals, they chirp.  Sort of like the lady on my train last Tuesdayfriday that was all upset about her weekend plans being messed up by someone not wanting to come see her.

You know, the birds aren’t so bad.

In fact, I kind of like them.

I went to see Godzilla last night, on a whim and against my better judgment.  But I kind of had to.  I like movies, that one is extremely popular right now, and I had to see what the fuss was about.  I also had the chance to go socially without forcing my wife to watch a film she really wouldn’t care for.

I’ll go into length in a “Tales From the Script” post but will leave you with this, if you are curious.  It was much, much better than I expected.  It’s a monster movie, make no mistake, but there was a story and while there was CGI everywhere, the special effects served the story not the other way around.

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