Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Not just famous, IN-famous."

Caught a bit of an exciting little league game last night.  #4 was playing and gave quite an accounting for himself.  I took one of our dogs – the one that #4 determined, during his science project this year, was our “Third smartest dog.”  Talk about the glass being half full.

Speaking of glasses, I came across this post in Washington Orville Hampton’s journal.

June 8, 1977 – Washington, D.C.
I overheard a marvelous discussion while waiting in line at Wendy’s tonight.  A young girl stood with her mother, clearly tourists, and talked about how much she liked the Whitehouse tour.  Then she told her mother that someday she was going to work there.

Her mother laughed politely and asked doing what?  The little girl, very seriously, said, “In the big office.  The roundish one.”  Her mother said, “You mean the Oval Office?”  The girl nodded.  Her mother said, “But Monica, that’s where the President works.”

The little girls crossed her arms and said, “Then maybe I’ll be president.”  Her mother sounded a little sad, “We girls can do a lot more than before, but I think president may be a bit out of reach in the country.”

“Doesn’t matter.  I’ll find a way.” said the girl

I believe her.  One day everyone in America will know who she is.

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