Thursday, May 1, 2014

"His best friend is his backpack."

My journey to the dark side is nearly complete.  I went back to the audiologist this morning to get my new hearing aids adjusted and wired up for blue tooth.  They are awesome.  I’m a huge fan of being able to hear.  Everything.  And wirelessly.  My goodness.

If you can’t hear well, go see your doctor.  Try out these cybernetic enhancements.  Talk about life changing.

Along the same vein of completely changing your life, my wife and I have started watching “The Middle.”  Four episodes in and we are hooked.  Actually, four minutes into the pilot we were hooked.  Totally our humor.  (Humor.)

Initially we were concerned about seeing Deborah in a different role.  How could she be different?  I mean look at the logline.  It’s a sitcom about a family and she’s the wife/mother.  Not sister/wife.  That’s a different show.

Within 30 seconds it was clear there would be no confusing the Long Island mom with the Indiana mom.  In fact, the transition was so complete that I hadn’t realized it was her as the mom in a clip I use from the show for a class I teach.  Admittedly she has a very small part in the clip – it’s mostly about Bric (Bric) – but still, I felt rather silly.

If you haven’t seen the show, watch it.  Very funny.  I mean, “Must eat today!” chicken, a basset hound with emphysema, and 3 extremely well written caracterature of children?  When you consider TV comedy, there’s over-the-top, there’s on-the-floor, and then there’s The Middle.

I’m still laughing at it.  “Find a can that sounds like peas.”  HA!  (Ha.)

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