Thursday, October 3, 2013

"I trust people. I trust you."

All sorts of change about.  The office is like a ghost town - which is as it should be, considering the label applied to our circumstance.  There's a new vendor running the coffee shop at the train station so instead of being presented with a cup of java, mixed to order, I am instead allowed to pay more for an empty cup - and I don't care how fancy the typeface or pretentious the name, the old coffee tasted better.  Then there's "The Mentalist".

We were hooked.  Completely.  The end of season 3 left us saying, in our best Keanu Reeves, "Whoah."  We were sad that it was over - no more episodes available and, really, where could they go with the story?

I wrote about our misadventure with the wrong season.  The right season arrived and I'm two episodes into season 4 and saying, "Hunh?"

Let me back up.  We've had the disc for a few days but we also had a "Castle" disc and opted to finish that before starting on Simon Baker.  I debated writing a top 5 list of why "Castle" is better than "Mentalist" and it would have been based on enjoying both shows.  I'm glad I waited, season 4 changes everything.  It's not very good.

It feels very shallow.  It doesn't have the fun of previous seasons.  The only character who actually seems himself is Cho.  That's good - he's my favorite - but not good enough to save the new storyline.  I've nearly fallen asleep during both episodes.  It's a huge disappointment.  I'll give it the full disc, but if there's no improvement I'm going to have a very hard time justifying the time investment for the rest of the season.

It just isn't fun anymore.  Is it because "Castle" is that much better (starting season 2) or has my old friend really changed that much?  What do you think?  Did the engine driving Patrick Jayne make a change for the worse after the mall shooting?

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