Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"The guy on the donkey's just a guy on a donkey."

#1 took the car out yesterday afternoon.  Drove to work.  But not without an interesting exchange with my wife.

"Take the car."
"Can't you just drop me off?"
"Don't be silly.  Here's the key."
"I think I'll just ride my bike."
[Mom stares.]
"Fine.  I'll drive."

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but I made the finals again this week at Write On Wendy - go vote for me.  Please.  I was disappointed with how it came out, but it isn't a contest of finished products.  5 minutes is only enough time for a first draft, notes about the idea really.  My entry last night was heavily influenced by Stephen King.

Hudson Hawk
I watched two movies again the past weekend.  We wanted to see "Gravity" but the kids were too busy to watch each other and my wife had a PhotoWalk previously scheduled.  First up was the all-time classic "Ice Pirates".  It did not age well.  Not at all.  It was still funny, but even if I sell it as a forerunner to "Serenity", I won't get buy in from any of the kids.  It didn't help that my partner, who fell asleep during the opening credits, kept saying, "That's the dumbest movie ever.  EVER."  I’m sure if you gave me a few minutes I could think of something Dumberer.

"Hudson Hawk" fared much better.  #3 and #4 watched with us and they laughed at all of the right places.  Now before you think I've lost my marbles, I had a "TV version" so the language that was added to the theatrical release to ensure the (then - 1991) all important R-rating was gone.  It's a film about moments, and many of those moments have remained crystal clear in my memory since I first watched it.  Spaghetti in a thermos.  Being mailed to the Vatican.  Willis and Aiello singing "Side by Side" together.

You can read more about "Hudson Hawk" on October 24 in my guest post at Going Into The Story.  That’s something I’m unreasonably proud of.  Little old me writing a guest post for the legendary Scott Myers.  If you don’t write, or aspire to write, screenplays, you may not be familiar with him, but he’s a pro that has turned educator and the community he’s created is the friendliest and helpful I’ve ever encountered on the net.

What are your thoughts on HH – do you remember it?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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