Saturday, October 26, 2013

"What's your dirt doin' in his ditch?"

Today is the day that I give up completely on an endless summer for 2013.  The temperature this morning was below freezing when I got up and so I must, with heavy heart and wet feet, take the boat out of the water.  But what to do with it this year?  I mean, it isn't exactly some squirrels stash of acorns.  Hmm.  Imagine a three ton stash of acorns.  And the squirrel that made it.

There's a clear space in the yard next to the garage and I expect to keep it there this year, under two layers of covers, sheltered from the snow by the big trees that, when it does snow, I fear will fall onto the boat.
Cool Hand Luke

When we first moved in you couldn't drive to this parking space.  There was a two foot retaining wall.  We had big old Bounder J back then (a 34 foot class A RV) and needed a place to park it so I got out the spade, the mattocks, and the wheelbarrow.  I moved that retaining wall with my bare hands - okay, they were gloved hands.

The Bounder sat there for a couple of years and then we sold it.  When it rained, mud would wash onto the driveway in deep gully began to form in the yard.  I had an idea - Hows about I put the wall back?  So I got the spade, the mattocks, and the wheelbarrow.  I moved that retaining wall back.  But the dirt had washed away and needed some more bricks for some reason.  Off to Lowe's I went.  Got what I needed in just a few more trips that it should have taken, and presto-change-O, new wall, better than the old wall.

Then my campaign to get a new boat met with success (just keep putting on the grocery list, eventually you'll get whatever you want).  Only one problem.  Where to park it?  I found the perfect place for it but first there was a retaining wall that I had to move...

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