Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I think the word you're searching for is "Space Ranger"

How many tricks does your pony have?  One?  Two?  Infinity?  My wife an I played a game with our children as they were growing up about who loved who more.  They usually ended at infinity times infinity to the infinity power.  (And Mrs. Hooper said I'd never use imaginary numbers...)  That's how many tricks your pony needs if you want to stay with something creative -- job, hobby, whatever.

Okay, so infinity times infinity to the infinity power isn't actually an imaginary number -- just a silly number -- but the point is still important.  A one trick pony won't get you very far.  Maybe that's enough for you but somehow I don't think so.  I think settling for one trick is subtle way to quit.

Speaking of one trick, the only imaginary number I can remember from 9th grade is "the negative radical."  "You can write it," said Mrs. Hooper, "But you can't ever get to it."  Maybe for a mathematician.  But I'm an author with the power to create reality.  I can take you to infinity... and beyond.

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