Monday, March 3, 2014

"The enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future."

Inspiration?  I’ll give you inspiration.

If there can be a snowstorm that shuts down Washington, D.C. in March, then anything at all can happen.  Carpe diem.  And make it yours.

I received an email suggesting that perhaps there should be a story today, considering the weather.  Here's my entry from 5 minute fiction last week -- a bit of flash based on the prompt, "tell about a first kiss."

It was 14 years ago this week.  I wore blue jeans and my black turtleneck.  (It was 14 years ago, remember.)  I’d been up all night, worried sick about you.  There was a man down the hall who kept coming to the door with the weirdest questions.  I finally told him to bugger off.  But I still couldn’t sleep.

The sun came up.  I don’t see colors so it didn’t look special.  But it felt special.  I knew it was the day we’d be together.  If everything went okay.

And it did.  You made it.  Everything was okay.  I held you and kissed your forehead and stared down the world already coming at you and I promised that nothing would ever happen to you.

Happy birthday little girl.  I love you.


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    1. Funny story that. Everybody commented on how great it was, and then I didn't even make the finals :) I guess that's the difference between the Oscars and box office returns...