Monday, March 17, 2014

Snowpatrick's Day.

I still remember the year when I discovered I was more Irish than anything else.  Hasn’t changed my view of St. Patrick’s Day.  What has changed my view is the snow.  Around here they’re calling it Snowpatrick’s Day.  Clever?  Maybe.  I’m not sure yet.  My friends and I are still making fun of Snowmageddon.

One thing I will say about Snowpatrick’s Day is that it is inspiring.  Someone thought of something that was a wee bit clever and was willing to risk everything by putting it out there.  That’s the sort of risk that any artist must take.  Not quite sure where I’m going yet?  I’ll make it easy.

If someone can be confident enough to put out something like Snowpatrick’s Day, my writing will definitely find a home.

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