Saturday, February 1, 2014

"I used to pick that as the worst movie ever made."

We had quite the collection people at our house last night/this morning.  Both #1 and #2 had people over.  But #1’s friends all drive so getting out of the driveway and down to the barn for chores and my weekly read of TCGTWF (see last week’s post) required a bit of maneuvering.
I’ve decided to change up the format of the Blog a bit.  I will be combining the Wednesday/Thursday posts into a single post about the film media – either TV or Movie.  I haven’t figured out what I’m going to call it yet so the schedule page hasn’t been changed.  That post will appear on Thursdays.  Maybe “Thursdays with Gene?”

On Wednesdays I will post excerpts from Washington Orville Hampton’s diary.  He was an extraordinary gentleman and I do not wish to keep his secrets secret any longer.  I hope you find them as educational, and entertaining, as I have.  Again, I have failed to come up with a clever name for series.
If you have any suggestions, or are curious to see if Washington commented on any particular topics or events, please drop a comment.  You’ll get kudos for a good name and I’ll be happy to peruse the journal to see if you topic of interest has been addressed.  (I assure you it has, as I’m making the whole thing up on the fly…)

The last change is one I have already implemented.  Posts (with the exception of fiction) will be limited to 300 words.  Plus cushion.  If I can’t say it in .3k, I’m either being unclear or trying to tackle too much at once.  Hopefully this will make the blog easier to follow and increase the time available for me to work on the bigger projects.  Making up words now just to land at three hundred.

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