Thursday, February 27, 2014

"There wasn't one today. "

I was going to write about Harold Ramis today.  It was to be a study of the similarities between my two favorites of his -- "Ghostbusters" and "Groundhog Day."

But then The Fates conspired, destinies entwined, and the world was turned on its head.  To quote Dr. Vinkman, "Dogs and cats, living together.  We're talking mass hysteria here."

Perhaps that's all a bit dramatic.

But everything is different.  The car traffic is different (took 20 minutes to make a single turn), the train traffic is different (freight, auto, and passenger all moving together), a different person was behind the counter of the station coffee shop, and SOMEBODY SET UP CHAIRS.

40 of them.  Little brown folding chairs.  The tables are all smushed together in a narrow band of "Hey, let's all sit way too close to each other for a few extra minutes today."  But folding chairs?  In a train station?  When is there not enough room without resorting to folding chairs?  They don't even have a stencil on the back claiming to be the property of something or other.

I waited a few minutes before I started writing.  Just in case there was a flash mob.  But there wasn't.

Am I the only human left?

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