Monday, February 10, 2014

"What's wrong with perfection?"

                There is a sailboat that I pass every time I drive in and out of my development.  It's up for auction on 2/22.  I'm estimating 23 feet with a single cabin and convertible settee.  Topside is covered with plastic wrap so it's hard to tell who made her.

                The bottom is a bit rough, her fixed keel in nipped, the paint is worn -- though not covered with algae -- and I highly suspect that there are some weak spots in the fiberglass.  I haven't gotten a good look at the prop -- or the mast for that matter (it's down and under the wrap).  There is no way that the interior isn't full of mold and I expect that the cabinetry is in need of repair.

I don't know anyone else who liked this film.

                In short, she's likely going to require a lot of work.  Said another way, she's probably affordable.  But I won't be going to the auction.  And if I do go, I won't bid.  It's not that sort of dream that distracts me every single time I drive by.

                It would be wonderful to sail the Chesapeake, or the Caribbean, writing madly between tacks.  But not on that boat.  Not right now.

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