Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Buck up, Little Camper."

I got a book in the mail the other day.  It wasn’t from Amazon.  It was from a friend of mine.  There was a note with it describing the career of the author and drawing parallels to my journey as a writer.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, or offered better encouragement to keep writing.

The subtext of the unexpected gift was that even while I was struggling with my current novel, reading the fine work of Michael Connelly, and wondering who I thought I was to even try to appear a shelf beside him, there was someone out there who believed in me and couldn’t wait to read my next one.

That’s the thing we struggle with, whether we are writers, artists of another sort, or just trying to make it through life.  We feel discouraged, we feel overwhelmed, and we feel very alone but we aren’t.  Somebody out there is thinking about you, hoping you are okay, and excited that you are in the world.

Buck up, Little Camper.  Carry on.  Tell that mean old world, “You cannot make me quit.”

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  1. kindness and inspiration are always welcome in our lives!