The Schedule

*** Historical reference ***
I kept this page because the purpose of my blog was to document my journey as a writer.  This blog, and specifically the schedule I kept, were instrumental in my success.  If you are starting out, or struggling, a daily blog with a specific topic for each daily post will help you build discipline and confidence.
*** End update ***

Want to know if this blog is for you?  Or which days are more likely to be helpful - or at least interesting - for where you are in your writing or life?  I write 3 days a week now (it was 6 during my first year), generally following this schedule.  You can search for related posts using the labels found on the right side of the pages.

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MONDAY - "Original Fiction"  This blog is about writing and making me a better writer.  How can I get better if I don't produce content on a regular schedule?  These stories are in multiple genres and formats including entries from Washington Orville Hampton's diary (he's completely made up but has met more famous people than Forest Gump and done more things than Benjamin Button).

WEDNESDAY -   "Inspiration"  These posts are designed to provide a pick-me up for the start of the week.

FRIDAY - "Must See TV" or "Tales From the Script"  Movies and TV are different.  I talk about one or the other focusing on how the story works -- or doesn't.

The anonymous comments are supposed to be set up so you don't need an account to leave one.  If you'd rather send a personal note, is the way to go.  I promise I'll read it.

Travel with me.

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