Who is Jon Stark?

I stopped writing short stories years ago because I was frustrated by my lack of success and was doing plenty of writing with my day job.  As spring sprung this year, I was approached by a friend who wanted to write a movie.  "Cool" I said.  "I love movies."  I didn't know anything about how to write them though so I've been learning ever since.

This blog is about writing movies and short stories, being a writer as a choice, and curious things happening in my life that fuel my creativity.  I hope to impart some of what I've learned, share curious tid-bits about the industry and how to "read it" with my readers, and provide encouragement from my own life as I seek fame and fortune among the "successful elite" of the writing world.

I follow a daily post schedule Monday through Saturday with each day focusing on a specific subject.  Days and categories of posts are all flagged so you may search them quickly from the menu on the right column.

I started this blog because my rejections far outweighed by acceptances and I wrote in a small closet of isolation, the quintessential hermit monk who was wiser than his fellow man, but nobody knew it because he didn't share his experience.

When I came out of the closet and shared my dream, and my journey, I discovered that the road was filled with others just like me.  I also found people who were anxious to stand on the shoulder and cheer me along.  In short, while I started feeling quite rejected and alone, I've come to discover that I’m not.

Since starting I have sent more work out to potential markets than I had in a very long time and because of that, I have had more success.  Our business will always be more rejection than acceptance - by the markets - because writing for publication is much like paying taxes - you aren't taxed unless you have actually earned some money to spend.  But we can find acceptance, and success, with each other.

After making excuses for years - I do, after all, have a full-time job that demands my complete attention and often leaves me creatively drained at the end of the day - a job that, I may add, is a dream job that I worked very hard to get - I found a way to squeeze my passion into the routine of my day.

You could ask, "How can a father of four, with three dogs and horse (and allegedly a cat but I don't pay him any attention at all), with all of the extracurricular activities that accompany that, possibly find time to write?"  My answer?  That full life is why I can write.  It's what keeps me charged and makes each day of facing the blank page a wonderful challenge rather than a dreaded chore.

I love to write and I keep getting better at it.  This blog is a big part of that.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it and, if you don't have a blog yet but you want to be a writer, start one.  You'll be very glad you did.

Or you could just read my blog and say, “Gee, I wish I was him.”

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